Victorinox SwissTool RS (Rescue)

Victorinox Swiss Tool RS

The SwissTool is made by the same people who have been crafting the Victorinox Original Swiss Army Knife for over a century.  It shares the same quality of design and functionality that has made Victorinox Swiss Army Knives a standard of excellence throughout the world.  The SwissTool is ruggedly constructed from high quality stainless steel to withstand use under the most rigorous conditions.

Featuring easy access to tools that can be opened easily one at a time, individual springs hold other tools in place.  Tools can be unlocked and closed with one hand.  All tools can be opened without opening up the pliers.

The SwissTool RS features a belt cutting blade in place of the metal file and saw.


Screwdriver (2mm).
Screwdriver (3mm).
Screwdriver (5mm).
Screwdriver (7.5mm).
Wire cutter for wire up to a hardness 40 HRc.
Cap lifter.
Normal blade.
Belt cutting blade.
Wood saw.
Reamer and punch.
Phillips screwdriver for small and large screws (size approx 1-2).
Chisel / scraper.
Strong crate opener.
Wire bender.
Wire stripper.
Wire scraper.
Can opener.
Ruler (230mm).
Ruler (9 inches).
Electrical crimper.
Lanyard hole.
Hard wire cutter.
Supplied with a nylon pouch.
Dimensions: 119mm x 39mm x 19 mm.
Weight: 233g.

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